XTS Professional Serial Hardware Com Port Selection

If you follow these steps for the initial set up of your ELITE Professional software, you will be able to connect ELITE to serial devices.

Assuming your hardware works, and your serial port is functional in Windows, follow these steps.

1. Unplug the WIBU key (green or black usb key).

2. Delete the “Pref” Folder located: C:ELITE/Professional/

3. Start ELITE.

4. Press Cancel to the next prompt:








5. Press Yes to the next prompt:







6. Press scan to the next prompt (if you have a Pro Panel or PFC console make sure it turned on).







7. Assuming all the hardware is connected and functional, the comport will be selected by ELITE:








*If you need help with the hardware set up, take a look at this link: https://support.flyelite.com/knowledgebase/how-do-i-connect-my-serial-hardware/

8. Once you press continue and you select the aircraft/region quit ELITE and plug your WIBU key back in the PC.

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