Can I configure my panels with ELITE XTS?

ELITE XTS allows different panel configurations, along with four GPS’s to select from. For example, this C-172 can have 5 different panels to select from:

  • DG
  • HSI
  • EADI 40 with an HSI
  • EFIS 40
  • E-500

C-172 DG

C-172 HSI

EADI 40 with an HSI

C-172 EFIS

C-172 E-500

In order to operate these indicators, ELITE offers individual USB modules designed to control the on-screen avionics.

In order to control the DG or HSI you will need the heading module:

Note: Some of these same knobs are available on the AP-100, AP-2000, AP-3000, and AP-4000 avionics towers.

In order to control the EFIS you will need the EFIS module:

In order to control the E-500 you will need the E-500 module:

These individual hardware modules are available here for purchase: AP-4000 Modules – ELITE Simulation Solutions (

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