New v9 Build

Some new features have been added to the XTS product line. These are only applicable to XTS Pro and Home editions to the software. You can obtain the latest build by logging in to your account on Below you will find a list of items fixed.

Sim Engine

New features:
-At Airplane selection on startup: Instrument configuration can be selected (on FullHD monitors or larger only)
– Wind shown in GPS and on E500 instruments
– Affinity mask for PROP can be set to avoid freezing of the GNS (what happened on some systems)
– Added support for new Garmin GTN trainer

– State file does now save the malfunctions all the time
– ILS/LOC selection box on map showed now both stations with the same frequency, before it only showed the first receiver on certain hardware setups
– ATC-Scenarios: ALT Hold now always set correctly
– Fixed a rare bug where map was being refreshed incorrectly

Airplane instruments:

New features:
– E500 v2 added, supports now AP, Wind, DME, Clock, more OAT settings etc.
– GPS GNS/GTN: Anti aliasing can be toggled with SHIFT+ALT+F12

– Oil temperature shows OAT, when engines are off
– in State files are now also E500 state settings saved
– C172R/S, C182S: Flaps instrument now drawn correct, not covering vernier levers
– King Air: ‘Gen Reset’ starts generator after 1 sec and not when switch is released
– King Air: Bleed Air warning comes on, when both bleed air pipes are closed or a malfunction is triggered
– King Air: Oil pressure rises now, when starter is triggered and engine not firing
– EFS40 EHSI: Deviation in ARC mode fixed, facilities in MAP mode are now correct displayed
– Fixed GNS VLOC problem (see troubleshooting document in support folder in storage server data folder)
– GTN module fix: DirectTo and Home button was not working


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