New ELITE XTS v9.0.1 Patch

The v9.0.1 patch is available for download however, the latest XTS home & professional installers will call them automatically (internet required).

The following features are part of this update:

  • GNS and GTN can be displayed on a separate monitor
  • Scaling functions for GNS when displayed on the separate monitor via keyboard shortcuts
  • Startup screen for monitor selection shows monitor identification (M1, M2 etc. )
  • Monitor content selection can be done by right-clicking on the monitor image and selecting the content out from a dropdown list
  • Power quadrant calibration displayed at startup if no calibration yet exists for the aircraft module
  •  Support for all standard HID-compliant game controllers such as:
    – Honeycomb Yoke
    – Logitech Flight Yoke System Professional
    – CH Products
  • More than two HID controllers (game controllers) can now be configured and used at the same time (this has been a restriction on previous ELITE versions)
  • Aircraft configuration selection is now possible on the aircraft selection screen (requires the screen to be displayed on a Full-HD monitor)
  • 8.33 kHz is now selected by default for COM radios.
  • Airplane instruments new features:
    – E500 v2 improved, supports now AP test, radio altimeter display, Wind vectors, DME, ADF, Clock, more OAT settings, wind, temperature reference.
  • GPS GNS/GTN: Anti-aliasing can be toggled with SHIFT+ALT+F12

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