Unable to download METAR in ELITE version 8.6

Downloading METAR weather into ELITE is quite simple: just go to the Metar screen and click on the D-LOAD button. The latest weather will then be downloaded and enabled in ELITE (internet connection required). Unfortunately, ELITE lacks an automatic weather download feature, so the term “real-time weather” isn’t that appropriate, since the user would have to manually download the weather each hour to actually get the latest weather and thus a continuous flow of real-time weather. Once you have the weather activated though, the meteorological world of ELITE livens up and becomes truly dynamic. ELITE will interpolate the weather data in between all of the downloaded reporting stations and the weather becomes both location and time-bound.

ELITE’s training-oriented design becomes quite clear here, as it’s possible to save the downloaded METAR files, METAR situations and METEO situations, thus facilitating the recreation of interesting or challenging flights. If this feature does not work because you have received the “200 Switch To Binary and 550 Permission Denied.” Error, you will need to install the latest patch. to fix this problem.

The patch is located here: https://support.flyelite.com/downloads/patches-updates/

Download and install the latest version, after the install is complete, the METAR feature should work.

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