Recommendations on logging ATD Time

In the "N" number column: put the type/model of simulator such as BATD or an AATD (Basic
 or Advanced Aviation Training Device). Different levels of sims are eligible for different time
 towards a certificate or rating, which can be verified on the Letter of Authorization (LOA) for
 each simulator. It’s also a good idea to keep a current copy of the LOA to show to the examiner
 in case they’d like to verify eligibility. This can be provided upon request at ELITE Sim Centers.

 In the "Type" column: Record the actual aircraft make/model flown in the simulator
 (Such as BE58 or C172). **Important for multi-engine vs single-engine exam candidates**
 Some examiners only allow multi-engine AATD time to count towards a commercial ticket if
 flying in a multi-engine aircraft, other than that, do not record any ATD time under columns for
 MEL, high performance, complex etc.
 In the "To" and "From" columns: Record the airports used during training such as "KORL".
 The "SEL," "MEL," "Day/Night" and "Cross-Country" columns should remain blank.
 These columns are designated for actual aircraft flight only.Similarly, do not log landings (i.e. 90-day day/night landing currency cannot be
 performed in an AATD).

 In the "Approach" column: Log the number of approaches performed in the simulator.
 The criteria for an approach is the same as in an aircraft, passing the FAF in IMC and
 breaking out at or above DA/MDA with a subsequent landing or executed missed approach.

 In the actual IMC Column: No time is logged, this is for actual flight in actual IMC.

 In the simulated IMC column: Log only the time in IMC (under hood or set to IMC
 conditions on the ATD). For example, in a 1.8 hour session, it might be typical to log about 1.5
 hours of simulated IMC.

 In the “Ground Trainer" or "Flight Simulator" column: log the total time in the ATD.

 In the Dual Received column: Log the time you were with an instructor training in the ATD.

 In the Dual Given column: Do not add ATD time to this column. It is recommended if you want
 to keep track of all dual given including in sims that you create a separate column.

 In the "PIC" and "Total Flight" columns: Do not add ATD time to these columns.

 Contact your local FSDO for if more clarification regarding logging simulator time is needed


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