How do I set XTS Genview in external visual mode?

You can set the multi display options to set on your second, third, or forth monitors the following options:

(ELITE external GV only supports one forward view).

  • Map
  • External Visual
  • Control Screen

When in ELITE you can get there by the following path:

  1. Go to the “Configuration Screen”.
  2. Click “Computer Set” (left column).
  3. Click “Monitor rearrangement”.
  4. Check the box “Ask at start up again”. (example below).
  5. Press “OK”.
  6. Press “Back”.
  7. Restart Elite.

  1.  Drag the monitors to the proper arrangement (left to right) or top depending how you arrange the monitors in Windows display.
  2. Drop down the desired selection in the Monitors menu (in this case select the Visual option).
  3. Check the “don’t show this screen anymore”.
  4. Press “take it”.



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