How do I calibrate my flight controls?

Calibration of your flight control devices in ELITE is necessary to bring them proper tolerances and allow the software to learn the control nuances or limits of the specific devices being used. (Please note that gaming controllers must first be calibrated in Windows, through the Control Panel.)

To calibrate your flight control hardware in ELITE, go to the Configuration screen. Under Controls, click the SET button next to “Calibration.” The Calibration window will appear, and it is divided into sections or “panels”. From left to right, these are: Limits, Null Zone, and Power Quadrant. You may also have panels for the Toe Brakes if you have pedals, and another one if you have a console with a Rudder Trim knob. To properly calibrate your flight control hardware, you should follow these instructions below. (You can also make them appear on the Calibration window while you are doing this by clicking the HELP button.)

First we will set the limits for the aileron, elevator, and rudder axes. Under Limits, click the RESET button. Notice the small cross-hairs in the box just below “Aileron/Elevator”. Now move your yoke or joystick through its full range of motion, all the way forward (down) and back (up) for the elevator, then full left and full right for the rudder. The cross-hairs should have now traced a blue box which graphically represents the limits of the control device being used. If rudder pedals are connected, apply full left and right rudder. You will see a small vertical line move with the application of rudder input. Allow the controls to their neutral position, and click the SET button to store the new limits settings.

The Null Zone sets a range of motion for the control input to be ignored. For almost all hardware configurations, this can be disregarded.

To calibrate your throttle device, go to the “Power Quadrant” section and click RESET. Then, physically move the Mixture, Prop, and Throttle levers (if applicable) on your throttle device to their halfway positions. All of the levers must be moved and calibrated together. Do NOT use lines on screen under the PWR, RPM, and MIX columns for reference, use only the physical positioning of the knobs. Once the levers are positioned physically at 50%, click the middle SET button next to the 50% marking on screen. Next, move the levers all the way forward (Throttle OPEN, Prop HIGH, Mixture RICH) and click the 100% SET button. Then, move the levers all the way aft, and click the 0% SET button.

If you have rudder pedals with toe brakes, go to the Brakes panel, and click Reset. Then, push the toe brakes all the way down, and while they are pressed fully, click the upper SET button. Then when they are released, click the lower SET button.

After you finish calibrating your hardware, click the OK button. You would then need to close and restart the ELITE software for these changes to take effect.

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