How do I download Metar with ELITE GV?

Once running ELITE XTS, go to the METAR page. At the bottom of the page, press download: Press download again: Assuming the computer has internet it will connect to NOAA for the weather. The weather values will match your current location in ELITE:

X-Plane Driver Release

ELITE is pleased to announce the release of a FREE version of the ELITE hardware third-party XPlane 11 plug-in.  This plug-in previously available for purchase permits the user to control their XPlane software using high-quality ELITE hardware (flight consoles, avionics, and rudder pedals).  We invite XPlane 11 users with ELITE […]

Can I configure my panels with ELITE XTS?

ELITE XTS allows different panel configurations, along with four GPS’s to select from. For example, this C-172 can have 5 different panels to select from: DG HSI EADI 40 with an HSI EFIS 40 E-500 C-172 DG C-172 HSI EADI 40 with an HSI C-172 EFIS C-172 E-500 In order […]

ELITE FS2020 Hardware Support

The ELITE Application for MSFS 2020 was created to allow for the use of ELITE-brand serial and USB fight simulationhardware products with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This release of the driver is a beta version and it’s unsupported. FS2020 is an entertainment product, so commercial use of this application is […]

Altura GTN Touchscreen calibration

5. Once you have installed the “Altura_External_GPS.exe” software, the launcher will send you in to a driver install. Follow these steps during the installation: 6. Right-click the eGalax Touch application in the taskbar ‘hidden icons’menu: 7. Click ‘Calibration Utility’ to open the settings: 8. Click on ‘Monitor Mapping’ and follow […]

How do I disable the ATIS in ELITE?

When using Pilot Edge, it is customary to disable the ATIS in ELITE because Pilot Edge has it’s own voice system. To disable the ATIS follow these steps: When Elite is running go to the configuration screen. Click computer set (under hardware configuration): 3. In the next screen, uncheck “use […]