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Why Did I Buy Elite Home Premium

  • My goals for 2017 are exciting.
    – Adding Commercial with Instrument to an MEL Rating
    – King Air 200 sign-off
    – TBM 700B sign-off
    I lucked out and found that the local high school has a 3-year aviation program for their students and they have a RedBird full motion SIM that has a C-172 and a Piper Navajo module. The teacher is also a 40,000 hour ATP with CFI/I, MEL, and a number of type ratings who takes on after-hour students.

    Why Did I Buy Elite Home Prem
    So, that is one of the reasons I bought Elite Home Prem. I figure that if I can slug out the practice at home, then I can go to the RedBird Sim and work out the kinks and issues. So far this is really working out well.

    So that’s the plan. Maybe this forum is the wrong place for all these thoughts … my feeling – if it is interesting to you … Great! I world really appreciate your thoughts and comments on the posts that follows. If, not – thank you for your time … please feel free to move on and enjoy your life elsewhere.

    Aircraft Ferry Services of Tennessee

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