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Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and Elite

  • Overall, the yoke has performed incredibly well after some rather interesting problems
    1. Pesky Centering springs. I removed them thanks to DIY videos on

    2. Getting Elite and Saitek configured
    – Assigning functions to the buttons on the yoke in Elite was very difficult. For some reason, the function menu became very erratic and difficult to use with regard to selecting a function. There is some underlying issue that is causing the jitters. I’m not smart enough to get into the guts of the issue so I developed a work-around.

    I learned that if you type the first letter of the function, Elite will find it in the pull-down list and highlight it. If you type the same letter again, it will go to the next function that starts with that letter. For example, if you press the “F” Key, it will find Flaps Down. If you press “F” again, it will move to Flaps Up. Awesome.

    Here’s an interesting quirk. While using the above workaround you assign a yoke button to FLAPS UP, and then try to assign another button to FLAPS DN, you get an error message that says FLAPS UP has already been assigned to a button. Elite will not progress down through the list passed an already assigned function.

    Now, you gotta be clever and assign FLAPS DN first, then assign FLAPS UP next. It took a while to map out the sequence. To save you some time with trial and error, here is the sequence I used to map my buttons on my SaiTek Yoke and Throttle Quadrant.

    SEQ: A-N is the order I assigned the buttons.
    BTN numbers are found in (ALT-G) Configure>Computer>Game Controller>Configure screen

    Function BTN SEQ
    Ap Trim Up 5 A
    AP Trim Down 4 B
    Clock Reset 14 D
    Clock GO 13 E
    CWS 1 C
    Flaps Up 11 F
    Flaps Down 12 G
    Freeze 6 H
    Gear Up 9 I
    Gear Down 10 J
    Rudder RIght 7 K
    Rudder Left 8 L
    Trim – UP 3 M
    Trim – Down 2 N

    Good Luck!

    Next up is to see if I can get the CH Multi-Eng quadrant to work with the Saitek and fingers crossed, none of the buttons on the YOKE end up assigned to the buttons on the ME Quadrant by default. Look for a post on that soon.


    Note: See the How do I configure my controls and program my buttons? video in the Knowledge Base

    With regards to the ‘Quirk” discussed in the original post, here is an update to that issue of assigning functions to Saitek Yoke and Throttle Quadrant buttons. I can’t say I know why, but when I swapped out the defective GNS-430 Module (C/V Knob issues), this problem went away. I am now able to assign functions to the buttons, switches, and levers at will.

    So, kindly disregard any references to the Quirk and it’s proposed work-around.

    Follow-on to the CH Multi-Engine throttle Quadrant. I am unable to get it to work as an add-on USB device to work my Elite Sim PC*. I did successfully get the Throttle Quadrant to work with the CH SWII Yoke on my MS Flight Simulator PC.

    To build a Multi-Engine throttle setup – I am ordering an add-on Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight Throttle Quadrant (USB) through Amazon for $59.

    * My “Elite Sim PC” is a custom made I7 beast with 32gb of ram, 1tb SSD, and lots of other goodies. It is NOT the $1400 Elite Computer that is designed from the ground up to run Elite Flight Simulation software sysetms.

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