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Returning to My Roots

  • 20 Years ago, I purchased Elite 1.x and ran it on my PC 386. Had to install a math co-processor to get it to work. it did the trick – I go my instrument ticket thanks to Elite enabling me to practice approaches, Pattern A & B, and IFR cross-country work.

    I’m back … Purchased Elite Prem 8.6 and am now running it on a sweet I7 machine with 32gb of ram, a smoking hot video card, and a 1tb SSD. Amazing.

    To be honest, I had hope to find more resources on this forum regarding home users. Given a review of the website, I guess the majority of the users are into the big systems which are incredibly amazing, but way out of my budget range.

    Along that line of thinking, I am interested in used AP-4000 modules should have a few pieces laying around. Just added the IFR Scenarios and purchased the GNS-430 module. I plan to build this home sim a brick at a time as I can work it into my budget.

    Hopefully there are other home users following this forum. I plan to use the forum to document my efforts during the process. Already learned a few things.

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